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Anél fell in love with millinery in 2011 when she decided to do a short course on basic millinery skills. She discovered her passion and loved it so much that she kept learning and exploring with new materials and techniques. Soon aſter, Anél Heyman Millinery came to life and has been growing ever since.

She has always been a creative soul and continues to navigate the globe in search of innovative ideas and further learning to ensure she stays at the forefront of the millinery industry.

Anél received a Hatty Award in 2012 and won the annual HATalk International Millinery Competition in 2015 with her work of art called ‘Lantern’ and continues to create exquisite pieces for clients all across the world.

Anél specialises in bespoke hats and headwear and each piece is carefully craſted to the customers specifications from her private workroom. From racedays to weddings, or a beautiful cloche, Anél will create that special piece for you!

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