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Hello and welcome!

My name is Haleh Brooks, I am the crafter, and the designer behind Sternenstaub (Stardust) Design.

As far as I can remember I have enjoyed being creative, I have drawn, painted, sown, and designed, which has now all culminated in Sternensatub.

In a way if my fingers are not busy doing something, I will more or less cease to exist. I am happy when I am creating, and even happier when that creation comes into being, and happiest when that creation finds its true owner, and the smiles that it brings ends its journey like a well told fairytale.

My background is in archaeology, and I was born in the fabled land of Iran, so one might say that I am heavily influenced by myths, ancient, vintage and folkloric fashion. These are the lines that are very much prevalent in my designs and creations.

The most important concept in Sternenstaub is Cruelty Free Fashion. This is an approach which I feel strongly about, and follow. You will not find any items on my creations which drive from animal products. No animal has to suffer for luxury.

However, I do use vintage sweetwater pearls, which originate from known sources. Eg. vintage pearl necklaces, which are purchased in antique shops, and are upcycled and reborn into Sternenstaub designs.

Our second important concept is that every of our creations are unique, and lovingly hand made here in Germany. Every piece contains a part of my thoughts, dreams and hopes. A a great deal of love goes into creating each of these pieces. Hence every creations takes time to become into being, nothing is mass produced here.

Last but not least, our last concept is we like to create and design objects of luxury, that brings happiness and joy of wearing them. Every women is a goddess, we like to help them feeling like one, even if it is just for a few moments.

Welcome to Sternenstaub, magical, luxurious, and unique creations just for you.

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