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My vision is to inspire the confidence within you, to embrace the joy in your personal style, through creating One-of-a-Kind pieces that make you unafraid to express who you are.

I can't explain my fascination with hats, only that it's always been there. Even as a child the feeling of a hat on my head was comforting. My favourite being a knitted rainbow sunhat, so faded it was a shadow of it's former self. I would pull apart the bias binding at the edges to see how vibrant the purple had once been.

As I grew older and began experimenting with my own style, hats never fell out of rotation. In my 14-year-old emo phase, I had felt bowlers and wide sunhats. In my Steam-punk phase I wore feathered derby hats. Then when I discovered my love of vintage fashion; the hats have always been my favourite. Through all of these (admittedly questionable) stages, I've never felt complete without something donned upon my head.

16 was when I first began to dabble in hat-making, I'd buy horrible quality fake sinamay bases, and cover them in satins, ribbons and flowers. My skills may have severely lacked, but I'm proud of all these wreckages shoved in my closet, as it's led me here.

Time, education and determination (or stubbornness), has given me my ability to create my Millinery now. Bold, Playful, Expressive, Fun,


These are the elements I strive to encompass within my designs. Each hat I make is full of the love I hold for this craft, and I truly hope you feel the same joy I do wearing a gorgeous head-piece.


Acacia Mary

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