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About Millinery Market

At Millinery Market, we believe every woman should be able to experience the magic of wearing beautiful, handcrafted millinery. To feel really special as you proudly wear your one-of-a-kind hat that perfectly complements your race day look. 

Unfortunately, most women have never had the opportunity to wear proper millinery. The majority of race goers today wear low quality, mass-produced hats.

When there are hundreds of extremely talented milliners in the world, why choose factory made when you can wear a piece of art?! Is it due to affordability? Uncertainty approaching milliners? Not knowing where to shop? 

It’s sad to hear that in some cases, women decide to skip the race day altogether because they can’t find the right hat in time. 

Well, we want to change all that.

For milliners, we’ve created a platform where you can showcase your creativity and design skills to thousands of women every month. We want everyday racegoers to discover your amazing work and have your hats be seen at racecourses across the country.

For racegoers, we’ve simplified the process of finding and purchasing beautiful millinery. With the biggest selection and filters to help narrow your search, you can quickly find the perfect hat, sometimes even available for pickup in your local area. For those on a budget, you can try renting a hat instead and wear a different hat to every race.

If you believe all women should have the opportunity to experience fabulous handmade millinery, then join our hat loving community and tell your friends about us.

To learn more about Millinery Market, check out this blog post about how we got started and this interview with 6 milliners about their experience using the platformIf you have any questions, send us an email as we’d love to hear from you.


Milano Imai                       

Founder of Millinery Market