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Hi there!

My name is Brianna, currently 26, living in sunny North Queensland with a wicked-as room mate and my pug, Oatmeal.

I stumbled into the millinery world in 2016 after I attended a Winter workshop in Rockhampton with Waltraud Reiner. Waltraud has been the most encouraging teacher throughout this creative journey, from teaching the correct 'Milliner's way', to igniting that little sense of passion when it sometimes falls dim. Not a single hat is made without her in my mind.

Do I have my own style? Not yet!

I believe it takes time for this to happen, and happen naturally. For now I am still learning and experimenting. Some days I love ultra-modern, sci-fi, crazy futuristic elements and some days I accidentally make a flower. "Now what the hell am I going to do with a flower?" I think to myself, as I have paraded the idea that flowers are so 'a million Spring's ago'.

As for quality, I really try my absolute hardest to produce the best quality hats to my knowledge and skill, which improves with every hat. I do not own a glue gun, just lots of needles and every coloured thread! Don't get me wrong, there are places in millinery where a spec of craft glue is needed, but I haven't used an entire bottle since 2016.

I love to create for myself, however I welcome all inquiries for custom orders. If I feel like the project will not spark those crazy tingles in my finger tips then please don't be offended as I recommend another milliner more suited to your needs. If so, then lets get this party started!

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Fantastic design, great communication, fast delivery

Abby B about listing J A D E - was $275 11 months ago.
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Very responsible, will follow up on shipment status till confirmation of receipt.

Jeslyn L about listing F I O N A - was $295 1 years ago.
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Everything went smoothly, it is a beautiful piece & comfortable to wear :)

Tina W about listing Moh Deest Millinery 'Olivia' 2 years ago.
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